Multi-Use Car Seat Canopy

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BABYDOME by The Seattle Baby Company

➢ A PRACTICAL CAR SEAT CANOPY: BABYDOME helps your little one nap by effectively blocking out bright lights and peering strangers. Gently pull down the opening to quietly check on your sleeping baby. 

➢ A PROTECTIVE SHOPPING CART & HIGH CHAIR COVER: BABYDOME reduces your baby’s contact with dirt and germs, while cruising around comfortably and in style. 

➢ A SECURE NURSING COVER: Nursing moms can feed their babies in total privacy and without concern of exposure. 

➢ A STYLISH INFINITY SCARF: When not in use for baby, our stylish designs look great when worn as a shawl or infinity scarf. 
➢ A COMPACT AND CONVENIENT ACCESSORY: BabyDome comes with a matching carrying pouch, perfect for storing your canopy or keys, phone, and other essentials.